Model Citizen Media/Magazine

Model Citizen Media/Magazine, a platform that recognises aspiring and professional fashion talents, brands, and creatives globally. 

Model Citizen Media/Magazine was founded by Macky Suson (29 years old) and James Panarettos (21 years old)  in 2016 in a one-bedroom apartment in Singapore. James at that time was a graduating at University of Western Australia with first class honours in Economics (PhB), while Macky Suson was an Area Sales Manager.

Model Citizen App was created on August 29, 2016. We started with an idea of simply recognising aspiring models across the globe.

At Model Citizen Media/Magazine, we believe in recognising all models, whether they are aspiring, amateur or experienced. Our vision is that every fashion model, photographers, makeup artist, hairstylist, blogger, stylist, label, designer, and creative director, can be seen, their talent shared, and their potential unearthed. Every model has to start from somewhere, and it takes enormous guts to put yourself out there for everyone to see. So many individuals show great potential, only to be thrown back time and time again. Often, all it takes is greater exposure, and that's what we're hoping to give you. We hope that you embrace our vision as we do, and join the rising force in the modelling industry. We also understand the immense importance of photographers, stylists, make-up artists, and creative directors in making the fashion industry success. Without them, we wouldn't get to see the best side of our models. 

We have received enormous support from these people we do not know, whom we slowly learned about their life, challenges, passion and aspirations. We learned more than what we expected: The hopes of parents for their young models, a successful and famous lady whose attitude is her best asset more than her beautiful physique and face. A professional who left his job to be a model. A photographer who has been discriminated because he was not a local. A woman who never gives up on her dreams. A fashion designer who left his country to learn more about fashion design so he could come back and bring glory to his country. A mother who is a business woman but her love for her child is like no other. An aspiring model who was not aware of her high potentials. A creative director who is very talented, who should have her studio. A fashion label owner who gave us pieces of advice. A guy who never knew us but allowed us to use his photos for us to get started.

If a piece of art is never seen, did it ever exist? So has been the philosophy of the fashion industry since its birth. It is the point of discovery that makes or breaks any artist’s career. And it is heart-breaking when talent is not discovered, and an artist loses hope. When someone puts themselves out there, it’s about believing they are on the edge of something beautiful. And we stand by you in that belief. You are a unique individual offering a unique creativity that someone, somewhere is looking for. This is what Model Citizen Magazine is all about

We are a platform for fashion models, photographers, stylists, make-up artists, bloggers, designers, labels and creative directors to be showcased. Model Citizen Magazine is like no other – it is the only magazine that's created fully by everyone's contribution of creativity and hard work. It is the only magazine that focuses on them and who they are. We only want the world to see their potential. We’re doing our bit by fostering a community of support. Your success is our success, and we want to be a part of your journey.

If you understand what we do as a company, and you admire and love what we do, please do not hesitate to share the website with your friends, family and fans. Let them read the magazine where you are featured in. You deserve that.

Thank you for taking time reading this section, and we hope to gain your confidence and trust more.